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Let's Eat: Honduran Specialties Stand Out

Monona Bakery and Eatery is an unassuming little café in a strip mall on Monona Drive with terrific baked goods and a breakfast and lunch menu of eggs, crepes, sandwiches and soups.

What makes it special are dishes with a Honduran or Mexican flair, in keeping with the culinary traditions of the owners.

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Hondureños triunfan en EEUU con restaurante de comida nacional

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Stop by Monona Bakery for homemade Honduran food and more

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Monona Bakery finds community support to be sweetest gift of all

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The Beauty of the ‘Outdated’ Suburban Restaurant

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Monona Bakery and Eatery provides nourishment and love

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Baked goods & Latin American Dishes

Claudia Gamoneda spends nearly every day of the week at her family’s restaurant. From the early hours before Monona Bakery & Eatery opens to late in the evening after the doors close, Gamoneda acts as the manager, helping keep the 5-year-old business operating. It’s truly a family collaboration, with Gamoneda’s mother, Claudia L. Gamoneda (whose name is identical to hers, except for the middle initial), her father, Vicente Sacramento, and her sister Wendy in the kitchen and out on the floor of the restaurant. Aunts and cousins help out when needed, too.

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Our Partners

Forkfull Market

Forkfull Market is a new initiative from EatStreet where you can purchase both groceries and ready to eat meals. You can find a select amount of Monona Bakeries products on there like their Pupusas and Tres Leches. 

Rusty Dog Coffee

Rusty Dog Coffee is a local coffee roaster providing incredible small batch roasts here in Wisconsin. They partnered with Monona Bakery to bring in an exclusive coffee from Rio Bonito, Comayagua Honduras, it is a deliciously smooth dark roast coffee that you can only purchase at Monona Bakery.