Our Story

Claudia Santos and Vicente Sacramento run Monona Bakery with their 2 daughters Claudia and Wendy. They opened Monona Bakery in February 2017 and hope to continue to run it for many more years to come. Monona Bakery was just an idea and a dream for sometime until they finally decided to take the plunge and turn it into a reality. They went through many hurdles and challenges including an accident that pushed the original opening date of December 2016 into February, but all of this drove them to work harder and keep pushing forward. 

Claudia Santos was born and raised in Atlantida, Honduras and has loved cooking and baking since she was a little girl. She will tell you fondly how the first cake she ever tried to bake as a kid turned out so hard that you could use it as a frisbee. Her cooking has come a long way since then and you can see it in the Honduran portion of the menu, where she uses some family recipes in combination with recepies she learned from others in the Honduran community. She hopes that one day her daughters will take those recipes and continue to bring delicious Honduran food wherever they go. 

Vicente Sacramento was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. He started baking around age 16 when he was offered a job at a bakery he frequented back in Mexico. He has come a very long way since then and has worked in some incredible Madison restaurants and bakeries including La Paella, Estrellon, and Le Brioche. He loves to bake and makes all of Monona Bakeries pastries from scratch. He also makes the BEST Mole in Madison (in our opinion), a family recipe that he has since made his own and is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. 

Both Claudia and Wendy work full time at the bakery with their parents doing a little bit of everything. They have both learned some things from their parents and hope to keep learning even more to make sure that Monona Bakery is around for a very long time.

The entire family is extremely thankful to the community that they are in for the love and support they have received and continue to receive and hope to stay a part of for many years to come.